Key business issues to think about at the moment

Politics matters to strategy and Banks are more circumspect


When did you last think about your structure?

Your business structure defines who does what and who decides if there is doubt.


How good are your financial processes?

Does your financial information help you understand how your business is performing?


Making your business life easier

Although most people measure their business success by how much profit it is making or is expected to make many businesses do not get the advice they need. One statistic that highlights this is that half of all businesses that have average accounting records fail* and the failure rate increase as the accounting quality declines. It is inevitable that all of those businesses are not much fun to own or work in. Average is not good enough your business needs great financial advice.

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* The Small Business Book (Robert Hamilton and John English)

Forecasts projections and budgets

I was really interested to read the latest news letter from Business Apraisals Ltd - discussing the role of budgets etc to business sales.